Friday, 19 October 2012

Ebook Application

Publish your own ebook apps for the iPhone and iPad.

iPhone programmers typically charge $80-120 per hour!! That’s insane.
We offer you a completely functional, feature-rich eBook App for only $129!

Hi folks, have you ever wanted to publish your own apps in the AppStore?
Did the sky-high development costs keep you from doing so?
Consider this, a ready made iPhone Ebook App that has been developed using the highest quality code. All you have to do is add your own content and publish it using your Apple Developer Account. That’s it!
This is not some stripped down version of an Ebook app, this app is loaded with user features, such as bookmarks, custom font, size and color, graphic user interface for the iPhone and a separate one for the iPad!


Only $129
  • You will receive a completely functional ebook app (xcode script).  This app features native support for both the iPhone and iPad devices.
  • This is a one-time purchase of only $129.  No recurring billing.
  • As with all iPhone apps, it is written in xcode and you need to have an Apple developer account or have access to a developer to add your content, customize and publish your work on the App Store.  See details.
  • Immediate download upon payment
  • Customer support:
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Free app script updates for 1 year